Choosing Used Lab Equipment For Your Operation

If you have any time or experience in lab management, you know how much of a financial investment lab equipment can be. Unfortunately, sometimes the cost of that equipment can make it difficult, if not impossible, to acquire new lab equipment in the volume that you need to keep your operation flowing as it should. That's when you should look at used lab equipment instead. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to understand about used lab equipment. 

Cost Savings

The biggest advantage to investing in used equipment for your lab is cost savings. Used equipment sells at a fraction of the cost of brand-new machines, allowing you to get the lab pieces that you need, whether you need centrifuges, autoclaves, or even hematology equipment. Choosing used equipment makes it more affordable for you to keep your lab running and offer the services that are needed within the practice.

Some Warranties

Depending on the age and the seller of the equipment, you might find that some of your used investments come with warranty coverage. Sometimes, it's the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty for equipment that's not old enough to have aged out, and other times the seller offers their own warranty for equipment that has been well-maintained and cared for. Make sure you clarify any potential warranty offers before you buy.

Inspection Opportunity

In most situations, when you're dealing with a large investment such as used medical equipment, you'll get the opportunity to thoroughly inspect, assess, and sometimes test the equipment before you buy it. You can't typically do that with brand-new machines, so it's often advantageous to make sure that the machine in question will fit with your lab's workflow, is intuitive enough to use, and is a practical investment.

Existing Training Material

One of the hardest parts of buying new equipment for your lab is the learning curve that comes with a lot of it. If you invest in used lab equipment, you'll be buying things that have been on the market for some time, which means there will be a variety of training materials already published and accessible. This can save you a lot of time and frustration in the lab.

Check out some local suppliers today to see what types of used lab equipment might be available to help you keep your operation running in a timely and efficient manner. The right used equipment can be reliable, accurate, and a worthwhile investment.

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