A Multifunctional OEC C-Arms System

Anatomical parts need to be lined up precisely during a patient scan. A OEC C-arms system that contains multifunctional capabilities will provide clean, clear images, a fully swinging arm that can be rotated in various directions, and multiple access points.

Multiple Uses

Scanning the chest cavity and the vascular system are two different medical procedures that may each necessitate unique examination steps. An all-in-one OEC C-arms system that is designed to be mobile can be used for body imaging, appendage imaging, and more.

This type of imaging equipment can be fairly expensive, due to the wide range of scanning procedures that can be performed. In spite of a high cost, a medical practitioner could wind up saving money by purchasing an elite C-arms system. This is due to only needing one piece of equipment, instead of several different C-arms styles that can each cost thousands of dollars.

Clear Images

Clear imagery is essential when assessing a medical condition. A multifunctional scanning system will provide high resolution videos and still images. Due to the swinging arm that an all-in-one arms system possesses, a doctor can pull the arm outward or swing it forward. This will allow them to adjust the sharpness of an image. For instance, if a doctor is confused about a particular medical condition and would like to take a closer look at some of the scans, they can do so while standing in the spot where they will be operating the equipment.

As a patient is comfortably resting on an exam table, the doctor will not need to disrupt the patient by moving in closer to the C-arms system. Instead they can make minimal physical movements and rely upon the movable arm to provide them with a close inspection of each image.

Multiple Access Points

A deluxe C-arms system may contain multiple access points that medical staff members can use. A basic C-arms system may contain a one-sided screen that will display imagery. A more elaborate setup may include a body image indicator that will allow a doctor to line up the equipment precisely with the body part that they need to scan.

A mirror screen will allow one medical technician to stand on one side of a system and another one to stand on the other side. Dual screens will allow each provider to assess live footage or still shots that have been collected during a scanning procedure. Buy OEC C-arms systems at a local store near you.

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