Expand Your Medical Spa Services With An IPL Laser

Being able to cater to the needs of your clients is essential when it comes to building a successful medical spa. Advancements in technology have allowed skincare professional to utilize a wide range of devices to safely and effectively treat the skin.

If you want to get the highest return on your investment, you should consider adding a cosmetic IPL platform laser to your arsenal of tools. Intense Pulsed Light lasers can be used to complete a number of spa services designed to improve skin tone and remove unwanted body hair.

Contact Cooling System

It's important that the IPL laser you invest in comes equipped with a contact cooling system. This system is designed to cool the surface of the skin between each pulse of light delivered by the laser.

Cooling allows the skin to rest, reducing the potential for damage to occur during any given treatment. The cooling sensation provided by a contact cooling system can also make laser treatments more comfortable for your clients, encouraging repeat business.

Photon-Recycling Capabilities

Another important feature that you should look for when purchasing an IPL laser to add to your medical spa is the laser's ability to capture and recycle photons.

Photons are the light packets delivered by the laser. Some of the energy contained within the photon packets can scatter during a treatment session. A laser with photon-recycling capabilities can recapture this lost energy and direct it back to the treatment area.

Photon-recycling capabilities help your IPL laser deliver more effective results in a shorter period of time.

Broad Spectrum Targeting

In order for your IPL laser to be effective in providing multiple treatments for your clients, you need a laser with the ability to target a broad spectrum of light. Each spectrum targets a specific chromophore in the body.

Some lights on the spectrum are suited for the treatment of vascular conditions because they target the oxyhemoglobin that causes vein discoloration. Other lights on the spectrum target the melanin in hair follicles, allowing the laser to effectively remove unwanted body hair.

The broader the spectrum your IPL laser can target, the more treatments you will be able to provide using the same piece of equipment.

Having the right equipment allows you to give your clients the results they desire when they visit your medical spa. An IPL laser can give you the ability to conduct multiple treatments while only investing in a single piece of equipment.

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