Looking To Rent Or Purchase A Home Kidney Dialysis Machine? Factors To Consider When Selecting A Machine

If your kidneys are not functioning as they should, a doctor may recommend that you get a home kidney dialysis machine, also known as a hemodialysis. Without a home machine, you will have to have dialysis done at a doctor's office, so having a home machine allows you to get the treatment you need in the comfort of your home. When renting or purchasing a machine, many people typically consider the cost of the machine and which machines their insurance covers. However, there are a few other factors that should play into your decision. Here are three of the factors you should consider when selecting a home kidney dialysis machine. 

The Portability of the Machine

One of the factors you should consider as you look to rent or purchase a hemodialysis machine is the portability of the machine. If you travel frequently, you will want a machine that you can pack up and take different locations. Some machines are more stationary and some are more portable, so always keep in mind where you will use the machine and how frequently you will need to pack and move the machine when selecting one. 

The Cost of Supplies for the Machine

Another factor to consider when you are looking to select a hemodialysis machine is the cost of the supplies for the machine. One machine may be lower in price. However, when you need to change the tubing or parts in the machine, you may find that the parts or pricey or are not covered by your insurance. The cost of the machine itself should not be the only factor you consider. Look into the cost of supplies for the machine you are thinking about getting and whether your insurance covers any part of those supplies. 

The Types of Treatments the Machine Offers

Lastly, consider the types of treatments that the machine offers, or the settings for the machine. Some machines only offer traditional dialysis settings. Others are starting to offer more unique settings, such as shorter treatments. These shorter treatments can allow you to break up longer weekly treatments up into shorter daily treatments. This can help you to better manage your time and can keep weakness in check for some patients. 

If you are looking to rent or purchase a home kidney dialysis machine, speak to your doctor. Your doctor knows what your needs are and can ask you lifestyle questions to help you select the machine that best meets your needs and fits within your lifestyle. 

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