Heart Smart: Caring For Your Church Congregation's Heart Health And Safety

While the spiritual well-being of your church members is a top priority, the practical, physical side of well-being plays an important role, too. Healthy hearts are receptive hearts, so programs and practices that support heart strength and safety are a welcome addition for your community. Pastors, ministry leaders, members and community participants can all get involved in events that include:

Stress Reduction Classes

Set up weekly get-togethers or an annual workshop that gives participants tips and practice on stress reduction techniques. Excess stress contributes to heart disease, a leading cause of death, so learning how to manage stress factors is important. Your classes or gatherings can be highly educational with health professionals leading the learning. Or they can be less formal with various members and leaders sharing how they deal with stress. Topics to cover may include prayer and meditation, exercise, heart-healthy food, and stress-reducing ways to breathe and move.

CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Training

Host a training program for church members and interested community members to learn current CRP and AED techniques. Having people in your church who can respond quickly and accurately to someone having a heart attack is an important component of church safety. It will also help the trainees to have a highly useful skill that they can use anywhere their lifesaving skill might be needed.

In addition, your church may decide to obtain an AED to keep on the premises should an emergency arise. Just like with first aid kits and fire extinguishers, you'll need to have responsible individuals assigned to ensure that the unit is checked routinely. AED accessories such as batteries and pads that the accessories such as batteries and pads are kept up to date. You may also want to install a wall cabinet to house the device, or purchase a carry case so that it can be moved quickly and easily to wherever it's needed. Get in touch with a company like Rescue AED LLC for more help.

Heart-healthy Lifestyle Workshops 

Schedule mini-class series or workshops that each focus on one aspect of maintaining a healthy heart. One class may be on preparing heart-smart lunches for busy moms. Another could be on improving sleep habits. Other appropriate topics include tactics to reduce high blood pressure, low-impact exercises for those who need more fitness but have physical challenges, and support to stop smoking.

All of your heartfelt efforts can have a positive impact, not just on your membership's physical health, but also on the social and spiritual connection with their church community.

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